Content is King!  Whether you’re trying to gain new fans or get the attention of old fans, you must be strategic in selecting what kind of content to share.  Maintaining a strong social media presence can become a challenge especially when you run out of things to say. Sometimes you just need a boost to re-engage your fans. Here are 5 super high engaging posts that can do just the trick.

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1. The Super Transparent Post

This is the post where you basically bear your soul and allow yourself to be vulnerable. Talk about a recent disappointment or how you have been struggling lately. Give some detail here but not too much. Talk about some of your handicaps and how you have overcome.  Get philosophical about why you started music in the first place and why it’s so important to you. Do you have a tear jerker story about your journey and how you conquered your fears?  What about abuse you experienced in your childhood that shaped who you are today?  I posted once about how lacking my guitar skills are. I only play the chords to get me through the day. I haven’t focused much on technique. But I make up for it in my ability to sing about anything on the spot. I’ve written songs on stage about audience members. What I do is create an experience they will never forget. Someday I will learn more technique, and I will be even better. I posted this story with a picture of me in my backyard. It got way more likes than I thought it would. People shared it and there was so much engagement on it. I made it a point to post more stories like that and to be more transparent. Sometimes you have to break up the monotony of videos, and tunes, and your latest show and get real.

2. The Candid Photo

Share photos of yourself backstage, in the studio, writing a song, or anything dealing with what you are currently doing. Try to make the photo appealing by using filters and/or unique angles. Remember, as an independent artist, you are living out the dream of most people. Whether, it be stepping out on their own entrepreneurial passions or becoming a rock star of their own, they have dreams of doing something similar. So let them live out their dreams through you by sharing glimpses of your life.

3. The Road to Here

Share stories about how you got to where you are now. Share childhood pictures and memories and experiences you’ve had over the years that led you to your decision to pursue music. The main question interviewers always ask is ‘How did you get started in music?’ There are many ways I can tell this story about my own music journey and I’m sure we all have different pieces of this story that make up who we are as artists. Use these story pieces throughout your social media strategy to make connections with people. They want to hear your story. They want to be inspired. They want to share inspirational stories with their friends. Give them what they want.

4. A Live Streaming or Native Video

Facebook is quickly becoming a leader in videos on a social network platform. Native videos play automatically as you scroll down the timeline. This gets attention especially if you can establish movement in the first 3 seconds. For example, try waving, or walking into the frame instead of starting the video with you sitting motionlessly in front of the camera.  There will be countless other videos on the page you will have to compete with. So do something to make your video stand out.

5. Something Controversial

Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts on a controversial topic. People want to know your insight on things to see where you stand as an artist. A fun exercise might be to share your opinion in a song and share the song. At any rate, tread lightly with controversial topics on social media. Thanks to our politically correct environment and election season, there is no shortage of topics to choose from. Pick anyone and share what you think.  You will get responses from people who have never engaged on your page before. That will be a plus on one hand, but they might say something really mean or inappropriate on the other. Be ready to discuss your thoughts. Always remember to show respect for other people’s thoughts. They may not respect you, but respect is a choice. The things people say is a reflection on those who said it.

These 5 super strong post ideas will help to bring life to your social media content in many ways. These posts are shareable, likable, and make for great conversational pieces which goes in line with the purpose of social media in the first place. Once the conversation starts going, remember to respond quickly to comments and use the tagging feature and probing questions to encourage even more participation. You will more than likely start seeing ‘Likes’ from people who are not fans of your page. We have Carlos Castillo of Schwilly Family Musicians to thank for this ninja tip – click to see who liked the posts and look for the option to invite them to become a fan of your page. This works even if they are not connected to you. This is a cool way to get more fans without paying to boost a post. However, if you have the money to boost these posts, you will get even more feedback and attract new fans.

What high-engaging posts have you shared?