Musicians, Here’s How to Give Yourself a Raise in the New Year

01/12/2018 – A few years ago I started tracking my music earnings month by month in a different way than I had previously been doing. Before, I would list all of my show earnings line by line in a spreadsheet. It was mainly to keep track of my earnings for tax purposes. It was a basic list of numbers for the entire year. However, one year in January, I decided to look at my earnings differently grouping them by month. To that, I added my estimated earnings for the year based on gigs I had already booked in my calendar. […]

Our Top 10 Posts from 2017

01/09/2018 – If you’ve been following me, 2017 was all about growth hacking and strategies to maximize relationships with fans on this blog. We talked about public relations tactics, superfans, dealing with adversity, and ways to earn more money at gigs. But there are a few articles that really got your attention this year. Here are the TheCraftyMusician’s TOP 10 articles from 2017… Interview with Audra Mclaughlin Top 6 Finalist on NBC’s The Voice Have you ever auditioned for or considered auditioning for a TV singing competition? I was lucky enough to connect with someone who did and she went […]

How Facebook’s New Engagement Bait Rule Affects Your Music Fan Page

12/22/2017 – In this article I wrote a year ago, I shared some creative ways to promote and increase engagement on your Facebook Music Fan Page.  Well, that’s all about to change in the coming weeks as Facebook rolls out a new set of rules penalizing pages utilizing these engagement tactics. They’re calling it ‘Engagement Bait,’ claiming that people are complaining about spammy posts. Sidebar. Small rant about to happen now. I have a really hard time believing this is true. What I suspect is that Facebook is trying to block people from engaging with their fans organically in order […]

Interview with Audra Mclaughlin – Top 6 Finalist from NBC’s ‘The Voice’ 2

12/17/2017 – It all starts with a dream. Wherever you are in your music career, one thing is constant for most independent artists, we start with a dream and work on making that dream a reality. This couldn’t be more true for Audra McLaughlin, a Top 6 Finalist from Season 6 of NBC’s ‘The Voice.’ Her story is one of triumph and persistence. We got the chance to sit down with Audra and hear her take on the auditioning process, being on a National TV Show, and what has resulted for her afterwards.  Take a look as she takes us […]

The Truth About Live Music – from a Music Fanatic

12/10/2017 – It is very intriguing to probe into the minds of music lovers. Music fans can provide a wealth of knowledge and information to help independent artists make better decisions when it comes to promoting, marketing, putting on shows, and earning new fans. We sat down with live music fanatic, Jeff of Houston, TX to find out his thoughts about that and what he shared can be very helpful in promoting your music and gaining a footing on your local music scene. I’ll be honest, I had a hard time with some of his answers. I wanted to come […]

7 Tasks To Outsource to a Virtual Assistant – For Musicians | Music Industry Virtual Assistant 2

12/1/2017-Being an independent artist means you do a lot of the work related to your music career yourself. You don’t have a record label with automatic support backing you. You have to build your own fan base and your career from scratch. While it’s a lot of work and can be overwhelming sometimes, the great news is that you have total control over what happens with your music career and most importantly who’s on your team. The internet can offer many wonderful things to independent artists including a wide range of talented virtual assistants. Benefits to hiring a virtual assistant […]

This Person Gave Me Unsolicited Advice about Getting a Real Job…Here’s My Response 4   Recently updated !

Want some ideas on what to say when someone challenges your career choices? 11/26/2017 Here’s a recent e-mail I received from a ‘fan’ that wins the Nastiest E-mail of the Month Award. {I wish the BEST on your musical career. But as a mom, advising a daughter, I would want my son in law to have FTE (full time employment) with benefits for financial security while you pursue your dreams. Or, you work part-time with benefits and accept gigs when offered until your career “blows up”. You and Rob may have other means of income, but again, I’m just advising […]

8 Best Fiverr Gigs for Musicians To Save Time and Money | Fiverr Gigs for Musicians   Recently updated !

11/26/2017 If you’ve been doing-it-yourself for any amount of time as an independent artist then you have probably figured out already that you can’t really do everything yourself. You need a team. The bigger your team is, the more opportunities you get and the better your results will be. Sometimes, you can get people to help for free such as friends, big fans of your music, and associates. Other times, you need a professional or just a second pair of hands to do something to help you reach a goal. Well, if you haven’t yet come across Fiverr, you’re in […]

10 Online Radio Stations to Submit Your Music To | Submit Music to Online Radio

November 15, 2017 Internet radio offers a bright world of opportunity for independent artists. Terrestrial radio is not the only cool kid on the block anymore. Since it’s inception in the early 90s, online radio has made significant contributions to the landscape of broadcast radio.  For independent singer/songwriters, musicians, and artists, online radio has become an ally for exposure in many ways. One major change online radio has contributed to broadcasting is that location is unrestricted except for self-imposed restrictions created by DJs. The internet can reach places all over the world which means anyone can listen from anywhere. So […]

Is Your Music Suffering from these PR Mistakes? | Public Relations Tactics for Musicians

November 14, 2017 We talk about promotions and exposure on this blog a lot. If you are an independent artist, you can’t really avoid it. Getting exposure for your music is an absolute must and one of the important facets of getting your music exposed is public relations. Not many artists truly understand what public relations actually is and how powerful it can be for their music. In essence, the objective of a good public relations strategy is to increase public awareness for a brand in order to positively influence the behaviors of its target market. That definition basically describes […]

How to Identify Your Ideal Music Fan [Free Worksheet] | Reach More Music Fans

Friday, November 10, 2017 – There will be people who like your music and those who don’t. You simply can not afford to cast a wide net and hope for the best like the record labels do. Every one of your marketing dollars are hard earned and they count.  So let’s get started. Are you wasting time and precious money promoting your music to the wrong crowd? Are you reaching your ideal fan? Narrowly defining your target fan is a very important part of promoting your music successfully.  This worksheet will help you define your ideal fan, which will allow […]