How to Write a Press Release

May 30, 2017 Getting exposure for your music can be a daunting task especially when the general public is already over saturated with other artists trying to do the same thing. It’s beneficial to use every outlet available to generate buzz for a show, an album release, or simply just trying to get your name ‘out there.’ One of those outlets is the media. In this article I will discuss how to write your own press release and how to shop it around to different media sources. To start, you need something that is newsworthy. You need a good story. Just […]

11 Things You Should Do to Promote Your Show

So you agreed to a date with the venue and your show is booked. Now what? Please, please don’t think all you have to do next is show up on the day of your show. In fact, the hard work has only just begun. The fact is, venues are expecting you to bring your fans. That’s why they booked you. While it helps the venue out, promoting your shows is a big help to yourself. It increases your chances of earning more money in merchandise sales, ticket sales, door sales, etc. It also makes you look good to the venue and […]

Does your Music Suck? So What?

I entered the back patio and saw about 20 people at tables, drinking drinks, and talking amongst themselves. My date and I quickly grabbed a table and waited patiently for the show to start. We were very curious about this artist. We didn’t have a lot of information. We were simply told that he was ‘really interesting, but it will be fun.’  A few minutes later groups of people started pouring in and before I knew it, the patio was full. The artist appeared on stage and he looked very peculiar. Black curly hair, a white t-shirt with a hole […]

5 Ways to Earn More Tip Money at Gigs | Tips

I recently did a 3 hour show and was reminded about the importance of connecting with your audience. A good audience connection provides a memorable experience for listeners. It gives them an opportunity to escape from their daily struggles, relax and get a feeling that they can’t get anywhere else. It also promotes a fun and safe atmosphere where they feel comfortable tipping if applicable.  In the first 45 minutes of my show, I didn’t make any connections because, frankly, I didn’t think the audience was interested. They were all just talking amongst themselves, sipping wine, and in their own worlds.  Plus, when […]

My Tiny House Journey as a Singer/Songwriter

What started out as a hobby, turned into a very fulfilling music career. Being a singer/songwriter has afforded me many travels, sights, places, and relationships!  The most unique opportunity to come from it so far has been an appearance on national TV! In 2012, I approached my husband Rob with an insane idea to quit his job and we take to the road as full-time musicians together.  I thought maybe he would think I was joking at first, but he actually put thought into it and together we came up with a plan. We took a look at our finances and encountered some obstacles. We […]

How to Book Paid Gigs | Book Paid Gigs

I’ve been touring and performing locally since 2011. I’m a full time artist. I don’t have a ‘day job.’ I am earning a living through my creative ventures. I wouldn’t say I’m a veteran, but I have made some important observations along the way.  For example, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two ways to get paid gigs. One way is by getting someone to hire you to play music for their event or for their patrons. Let’s call this type of gig a “Musician for Hire” gig. This can be a venue, a wedding, corporate functions, concert […]

A Simple Trick to Stay Motivated in Your Music Career | Stay Motivated

Every artist goes through times of difficulty and discouragement. It’s inevitable. As long as you are living, you will experience ups and downs. Being an independent artist has it’s own set of trials. But, if you keep pushing, you will eventually find your way. The indie side of the music industry works best when focused on the long game where you enjoy a long lasting sustainable career in music with your special fans. To make it with this approach, you must have PATIENCE.  You will meet rejection face to face multiple times. There will be times you will wonder why […]

5 Super High-Engaging Facebook Posts

Content is King!  Whether you’re trying to gain new fans or get the attention of old fans, you must be strategic in selecting what kind of content to share.  Maintaining a strong social media presence can become a challenge especially when you run out of things to say. Sometimes you just need a boost to re-engage your fans. Here are 5 super high engaging posts that can do just the trick. +Use this Plug-n-Play 3 Month Social Media Content Calendar 1. The Super Transparent Post This is the post where you basically bear your soul and allow yourself to be vulnerable. […]

Sometimes It Pays to Take a Low Paying Gig

I recently did a show where I only earned $75. It was for one hour on a weeknight at an apartment community. For a solo/duo set, I normally charge $100 or more per hour and I have a two hour minimum. Instead of earning $200, I earned $75 for the night. But I took a chance on this one and it paid off. We did a good job, the people loved us and I was invited back for another event. This time it was at full price for 3 hours. The people who hired me are part of a larger […]