You will find various tools, templates, and worksheets here that will help you organize, manage, and advance your career in music. If you see any errors or ways I can improve this page let me know.

Music Career Coaching

Have a question about something or need help brainstorming, or quick guidance on a topic? Do you need marketing and promotions advice? Want some tips on how to promote your next show? Or maybe you need help creating your next business card or show poster. Whatever your need may be, I can help you or steer you in the right direction. Maybe you want to learn more about my artist mentoring program? Book a free 15 Minute 1-on-1 Coaching Session with me today!


Worksheets & Calendars

Plan profitable tours with this sample tour budgeting spreadsheet. It includes expenses such as gas, lodging, food, as well as gross and net earnings to give you a clear picture of whether or not your next tour will be profitable.
Looking for engaging content ideas for your music fan pages? This 3 month calendar is packed with ideas for every day of the week for 3 whole months. It’s completely customizable. Copy and paste this into your own spreadsheet and add your own special flare.






Discover who your ideal fans are and how to reach them.
Use this free worksheet to help you discover your ideal fans. Build multiple fan profiles to help you target and narrow your marketing focus so that you can reach your ideal fans affordably.



Having trouble finding online radio stations to submit your music to? Take the online radio submission challenge and submit your music to at least 10 online radio stations this week.


Webinars & E-Courses

Learn booking techniques to keep your gig calendar full with PAID Gigs.
As an independent artist, you rely heavily on your live performances to sell merchandise, connect with new fans, and to earn money doing what you love.
That’s why the art of booking gigs is so important. With the knowledge of How to Book Your Own Music Gigs you can be well on your way to elevating your entire career.
This is a Free 4-Day e-Course. Once you sign up, you will automatically receive the first course in your inbox. Day 2, 3, and 4, will be delivered in the days immediately following.
Who is this course for?
-New artists trying to book professional gigs
-Seasoned artists looking for fresh ideas on where to look for new gig opportunities
Do you have great music, but just don’t know the best way to get it out there or the best way to reach your true fans? Maybe you don’t have an audience yet? Or maybe the fans you do have are not really engaged and don’t buy your music or come to your shows. All of these issues are prevalent among independent artists and they all can be resolved with good artist development.
This course will help you take your music to the next level by teaching you how to sharpen your brand, your image, and the way you present yourself and your music to the public. Learning how to properly present yourself will positively impact your ability to relate with your true fans. In return you will see higher engagement by your fans on social media, higher turn out at your shows, an increase in merchandise sales at your shows, higher views on your videos, more participation in your fundraising efforts, and even more house concert opportunities from your fans.




Books & Other Resources

Use this list to find house concert series and hosts across the continental US and Canada. This is a free resource list. Click on the link to type in your e-mail and I’ll send it to you right away.
Download your FREE copy of the 100 Ways to Promote Your Music eBook today! Get actionable ideas for promoting upcoming shows offline and online, maximize online presence opportunities, gain more exposure for your music, and reach more potential fans.




Increase your earning potential by partnering with local businesses for your events. Use this template to get sponsors for your music events and shows.