Supporting Independent music is very important! It helps keep money in the community, and it helps to support an ongoing local arts scene. A thriving local arts scene empowers members of the community in relationships, networking, business, family, and education.

It's not hard to support independent music, it just takes a little time and a little money. If everyone pitches in, the community would grow tenfold. Click To Tweet

For example, sharing a song or YouTube clip only takes a few minutes. Hosting a house concert is a better way to spend an evening with friends and family without overspending.  Going out to see a local show is more intimate and fulfilling and costs way less than going to see a mainstream artist. There are many ways to support independent music.

Here is an infographic illustrating what everyone can do whether they have money or not.


Independent artists and fans, feel free to share this on social media and let’s work together to make our communities strong.