Save Money on Tour Travel – Try Air BnB ($35 Coupon Code included)

Save Money Traveling with AirBnBTouring as an independent artist is hard.  To add to that, finances can be a huge puzzle with several pieces that may not belong. In order to make a profit or at least break even, you have to start out with a budget and have some idea of how much your expenses will be ahead of time.

It’s no secret that a major pull on expenses is lodging.  Where you will stay can make or break your budget.  Making the right lodging choices will help minimize the financial load on your traveling.

When I start looking for places to stay I usually start with AirBnB (this is an affiliate link, click on it and you will receive $35 off your first trip from me).

My husband, Rob (who also does percussion) and I have stayed at many AirBnB places over the past few years and we have had some great experiences.  The most eloquent one of all was when we stayed in D.C.  We stayed at a very beautiful two story modernized home with a double head shower and best of all, it was really close to the monuments.

We have met so many friendly welcoming people during our travels.  If it weren’t for AirBnB, we would have never had the pleasure of meeting these folks.

The cost of staying at an AirBnB is anywhere from $20 to somewhere in the thousands depending on where you stay.  It can be very economical if you are just looking to crash on a couch or floor as a lot of traveling musicians do.

One caveat to staying at some of these places is that you never really know what you are going to get.  Pictures can be deceiving and anybody can list their place on the website.  This means that your host could be legit or could be 10 degrees less than scrupulous.  Always be careful when booking.  There is an option to contact the host on the site.  Use it to introduce yourself, what you’re planning on doing and ask if their place is available.  Usually they will come back with a response.  Use your discernment when interacting with them.  Look up the part of town they are in.  If you get any bad vibes choose another host.  It can be the difference between a good experience and a really bad experience.

All in all, AirBnB could be a great way to save money while traveling.  Give it a shot!


Get $35 Off your first trip by clicking here.  (This is an affiliate link, click on it and you will receive $35 off your first trip from me.)

Have you stayed with an AirBnB host?  What was your experience like?  Post in the comments section and share your tips with The Crafty Musician Community.

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