September 18, 2017

Independent artists, you have a responsibility to promote your own music. I know it can be difficult sometimes and it feels counterproductive to be the one promoting your own music. In fact, on this blog I even encourage the idea of getting other people to promote for you to help lend you some credibility. This should be done, but not in isolation. Promoting your own music is a wonderful way to engage people on an interpersonal level to make real connections.

If done the right way, your own promoting will attract the right fans to you who have the potential to become superfans. Watch this video of me giving an interview about secrets to stealth promoting. It’s my own brand of promoting where you can engage with people and promote your music without it feeling like promotions.

I hope this will inspire you to come up with some fantastic promotions ideas of your own!

I mentioned a free giveaway in the interview, the 100 Ways to Promote Cheat Book. Click here to download it.

Read this book and you will Learn how to…

-Create a Niche Market
-Write a Proper Press Release
-Promote a Show (both offline and online)
-Become an SEO Genius
-Get People to Share Your Music For You
-Think Creatively to Promote your own Music
-Get Word of Mouth -and more…

Promoting can be fun and organic!  Let’s encourage one another.  In what ways do you promote? Please share in the comments section how you promote your music.