Are you looking for help with your music career or building up your fan base? Fresh ideas on how to promote your music? Considering a career as a full-time musician but don’t know where to start? Whatever your need may be, I can help you.

One-on-One Business Coaching for Singer-Songwriters

My Coaching Sessions are packed with lots of advice and practical tips on how to achieve specific goals. I tailor each session to the individual person and what they are trying to accomplish.  I offer practical tips, free tools, and guidance that will help move your career to the next level. Sessions often result in my clients experiencing more clarity, vision, inspiration, and a mapped out plan on the exact steps it will take to get to where they want to go.  Below is a short list of what you should expect when working with me…

• Financial Management / Building a Sustainable Career
• Booking and Getting Profitable Gigs
• Overall Marketing Plan & Strategy Plan
• Artist & Brand Identity Development
• Getting Loyal Fans, Building a Fan Base
• Goal Setting & Accountability
• Promotion Ideas specific to your brand and target market
• Q&A, Customized Topics based on Individual Needs

——–About Anitra Jay——-


My name is Anitra Jay.  I am a full-time singer-songwriter based in Houston, TX. Since 2011, I have toured up and down the coast from New York to Florida and as far west as Nebraska and Texas.  I’ve learned a lot along the way about establishing a loyal fanbase, best practices for social media, booking shows, and maintaining a sustaining career in music. To learn more about my music, click here to visit my music website. My other passions are writing and uplifting and mentoring others to be successful in their lives be it financially, relationally, and in their careers. I’ve always wanted to share things that I have learned along the way in my musical journey and found that creating this website was the best way to do that. This way I can meet other singer-songwriters like you!  I’m offering coaching and accountability to other singer-songwriters who are looking for guidance and direction in their careers.

I particularly want to work with

New and aspiring singer-songwriters just starting out who are 1-3 years into their musical journeys

• Seasoned singer-songwriters looking for accountability to help achieve goals or need help revamping a brand identity.

If you would like to work with me or know anyone who should, the first step is to schedule a Free One-on-One Session with me.

There are no strings attached. There is no obligation to purchase follow-up sessions with me. I will not try to sell you on my coaching program. I am here to answer your questions based on my own experience, observations and research I’ve done. If you’d like to move forward with my coaching program, it’s totally up to you.

Although, the first session is only 15 minutes, you will walk away with practical and actionable ideas and tools you can use to move to the next level in your music career. Based on what you fill out in the Free Session Scheduling Form, we will have a topic/question of your choice to discuss. Whether it’s how to get more fans, how to book your first gig, how to start booking house concerts, or how to develop a marketing or PR strategy you will walk away from this 15 minute conversation with the tools to transform your music career. What have you got to lose?