Get Your Song Reviewed

Get Insight About Your Music from Ordinary People

Find out if your song is well received by testing it in the market first.  Be informed about what people actually think about your music and save yourself tons of time and money by using that knowledge to further your songwriting and your career.  Big companies do market research all the time, and now you can do the same affordably and anonymously. 

Get valuable insights about your music such as:
•  Is your song likable?
•  Whether or not they would share your music.
•  Is the audio quality comparable to what they are used to listening to?
•  Initial thoughts on songwriting, composition, and arrangement.
Use positive results as selling points for your pitches.
STANDARD – $10 (Introductory Offer*)
Other sites charge upwards of $30 per song, but we are offering this great Introductory Price*! 
•  Get 1 Song Rated & Reviewed
•  Standard 12 Question Survey
•  Segment by Age, Gender, and US State (Optional)


*In some cases we may not be able to get all 100 responses due to sample population and/or genre of song.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

The process is very simple.  Once you place your order, you will submit at least one song depending on the package you ordered. We will send your song out to 100 people and ask for their honest review. (See sample survey questions below.) Everything is done anonymously. Respondents will not know whose music they’re reviewing unless you make it known. Similarly, you will not know who the respondents are reviewing your music. The data you receive is yours to keep for your personal reference. We will not publicly publish your music or any responses or information we receive connected to your music. Everything is confidential and anonymous.

What questions do you ask?

We typically ask the following questions on each Rate My Song Survey…

  1. What did you think when you first heard this song?
  2. What kind of emotions did you feel when you first heard this song?
  3. Describe this song in three words.
  4. Did this song stick with you enough to make you want to listen to it again?
  5. Does this song inspire you to share it with others?
  6. What mainstream artist or band does this song bring to mind?
  7. Rate the production quality of this song. (Excellent, Good, Poor)
  8. Rate the songwriting for this song. (Excellent, Good, Poor)
  9. What would you say to this artist to improve their music?
  10. What is your age range?
  11. What US state do you live in?
  12. What is your gender?

How long does it take to get responses back?

Once your order is received and we have a working MP3 file of your song, it normally takes 3 to 5 business days to get responses back. Sometimes it takes longer depending on the genre, timing, and the sample of people willing to review your song.

Who will be rating my music?

We will ask 100 random people to respond to questions about your song.  Respondents are US citizens, over the age of 18 who have promised to offer their honest opinions and positive constructive criticism.

Can I target a specific demographic.

Targeting a specific demographic can be done, however it may limit the number of people you can sample.  Although we can ask for respondents of a specific demographic, we have no way of ensuring that all respondents are who they say they are.  There is no extra fee for targeting a specific demographic. The demographics we currently have available are gender, US State, and age range.   To request specific respondents representing any of these three demographics, be sure to notate that in the notes section during checkout.