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5 Things Unique about This Artist Tour Booking Service

Artist Tour Booking Service

Artists: What takes up your time the most?  BOOKING

The number 1 time consumer I have as a touring singer-songwriter is booking shows.  Especially when it comes to booking shows for a tour.  Artist tour booking can be just like finding a job sometimes.  You get more "NOs" than you do "YESs" and the time you spend on inquiring and applying might as well be a full time job in itself.  I have been touring up and down the east coast from New York to Florida and a little westward to Texas and everywhere in between for a handful of years and through it all, my most challenging obstacle has been BOOKING!  I've even gone as far as searching out booking agents, music agents, and read countless articles on how to get an agent which resulted in the same old "no-help" advice:  "Let the music booking agent find you."

The Problem

Well I'm not exactly selling out the Ryman, so no they won't find me.  But that doesn't mean I'm not touring and that I don't need help finding gigs.  Enter the problem I along with many of my artist friends out there face, we're not popular enough to get the attention of a booking agent, but we are ready to tour and book shows.

The Solution

Hi I'm Anitra! A singer-songwriter based in Nashville.  I started Much Better Booking, a boutique tour booking agency providing a solution to the obstacle of booking shows and tours for the every day artist.  This is a tour booking service that's affordable, friendly, and made for you, the independent artist.

Why This Tour Booking Service is for You:

Imagine going on a 15-date tour without having to spend hours on end emailing, calling, sending information, finding out show details and compiling venue and contact information for every show.  Imagine having someone do it all for you.  Imagine not having to deal with the hassle of rerouting because not everything lined up with your original plan? What must it feel like to have all of those details already figured out for you?  All you have to do is practice, promote and show up for your shows.  How much time would you be saving?  How much headache and worry would you be avoiding?

5 Things Unique about This Tour Booking Service

With Much Better Booking, you will find that booking your tour has never been easier.  We make booking a tour fun, streamlined, and simple.  Not only are we artists, ourselves, but we stand out from other music booking services in many ways.
  1.  We answer every inquiry. Isn't it frustrating when you go on a website, fill out a form, and never hear back? It's like your well and thoughtfully crafted message went into a black hole of cyberspace. What gives?  With Much Better Booking, you don't have to wonder if you'll get an answer.  You will!  And the answer will be from a real person. Not only that, but we offer you genuine feedback about your act.
  2. We'll put together a booking strategy that achieves your goals.  We don't just book shows, we work with you to achieve your objectives.  We'll book shows based on your career goals. We will get on the phone with you to discuss what you truly want. Then, we'll get to work for you getting the shows you want based on your needs.
  3. We're not limited to a database.  We will find shows to fit your personal style even if it means thinking outside the box.  Sometimes booking a tour means you have to get creative.  We may have you performing at a skate park if it means getting you in front of the potential fans you want to target.  Who knows?  The possibilities are endless and our job is to find them for you.
  4. We offer artist development, coaching, and promotions. Being a successful touring artist doesn't start with booking.  It starts with having solid branding, quality online presence, and great promoting in addition to good music.  If you need help in those areas we have the expertise.  Additionally, if we feel you're not quite ready to tour, we can help you get there.
  5. Our fees are affordable and priced for the every day artist. We understand that artists have tight budgets and not everyone can afford to buy their way into a tour.  Our pricing structure is simple. We offer a flat rate of only $35 per show or a 20% commission if we book you a show with a guarantee of $200 or more.  Additionally, we are currently offering to BOOK YOUR FIRST SHOW FREE!


To find out more about Much Better Booking and our artist tour booking service APPLY TODAY! Start the conversation, by filling out this short survey telling us a little about you.  We will respond no matter what!  We will never give your information to any third parties, so you're safe with us!