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Every artist goes through times of difficulty and discouragement. It’s inevitable. As long as you are living, you will experience ups and downs. Being an independent artist has it’s own set of trials. But, if you keep pushing, you will eventually find your way. The indie side of the music industry works best when focused on the long game where you enjoy a long lasting sustainable career in music with your special fans.

To make it with this approach, you must have PATIENCE.  You will meet rejection face to face multiple times. There will be times you will wonder why you started in the first place and question your sanity. It will be hard and sometimes you will want to give up.

So, how do you stay encouraged during these trying times? 


Keep a journal of positive reviews and supportive statements from your fans and family. Every time someone posts something positive about you on social media, or sends you an e-mail, or says something positive about you or your music, write it down. This can be something you keep in a journal, or on your computer. I have a Google Doc file where I collect all positive comments about me or my music. Every entry is dated and labeled by the person’s name and circumstance surrounding their statement. Every time I get a new one, I add it to this file. Do this for a while and you will have pages and pages of positive affirming messages about you and your music.

Call it your Positive Vibes Journal.

When you get into a rut, pull it out and start reading. It will help you feel better. It will be a reminder of all the people who support you. Don’t be discouraged by circumstances. If you got into music, it was for a reason. Obviously you have a passion! Let others help you remember your goals by keeping track of positive things they’ve said throughout the years.

It will be tempting to read what they say and not journal about it. You are doing your future self a disservice, by not saving it. Remember to write every positive comment down and save it for the next rainy day. This will help pull you out of a mental rut.

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If you don’t have any comments and you’re looking for a place to start, try asking.  You can ask your fans and the people close to you what they think. Here are some questions you can ask:

  • What interests you about my music?
  • What sets my music apart from other music you listen to?
  • What value does my music bring to your life.

Or you can simply share in a moment of transparency stating what led to your current state of mind. Talk about your recent set backs and why you’re discouraged. This will prompt people to respond. I don’t recommend doing this everyday or you will look like a cry baby. But periodically,  don’t be afraid to get real about your struggles. It will pull people in to the human side of your music and what makes your music special.

Whether you do this on social media or send out an e-mail, I guarantee you will get a wealth of encouragement from your fans who support and believe in you.  What are some other ways you motivate yourself as an independent artist?

About Anitra Jay

Anitra Jay is an acoustic soul singer-songwriter based in Houston, TX. She tours regularly up and down the US from Vermont to Texas and everywhere in between. Her music is a sultry down to earth blend of soul, pop, and gospel. After being laid off from her job in 2007, Anitra decided to pursue a career in music. She took her educational experiences in Public Relations and her professional background in marketing and applied it full force to her music. She's found significant success in establishing a lasting fanbase using her special brand of marketing techniques which she shares freely with other artists. In addition to being a full-time performer, Anitra runs TheCraftyMusician.com, a blog for indie artists sharing actionable tips and advice on how to promote, develop, establish a fanbase, and more. Her passion is to inspire other musicians and build a community of like-minded independent artists to encourage and promote successful careers in the arts. She appeared on HGTV's Tiny House Hunters in May of 2017 to share her music story and her Tiny House Journey with the world. Follow Anitra on Twitter - @IndieArtistsDIY and @Anitra_Jay. Join the mailing list to get practical DIY tips and tricks in your inbox - http://buff.ly/2gSwptO.

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